The A-line is a purebred sow line originating from Large White, known for robustness of the sows and offspring.


The N-line is a purebred line originating from the Landrace. The N-line is easy to manage, known for outstanding mothering abilities and good fertility.

Used as a maternal line boar, the N-line is paired with the Topigs Norsvin Large White to produce TN 20 parent females.

TN 20

The TN20 sow is based on the Topigs Norsvin Large White and Landrace. The sow is known for high fertility, producing a large number of piglets, and shows excellent mothering abilities.


Traxx is produced from crossing a Duroc and Pietrain. This boar can produce robust and vigorous finishers.

Slaughter Pig/Finisher

Easily achieves 120kilos in 150days*

*Provided pigs are with good nutrition, healthy and in stress free environment.

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