Q-Pigs Livestock Corporation (Q-PIGS or also known as QLC) is a homegrown intensive animal farming company located at Barangay Acmonan, Municipality of Tupi, South Cotabato. Q-PIGS is affiliated company of Citra Mina Seafood and Market Inc. (CMSMI), PhilFresh Corporation (PhilFresh), Experienced Agri Construction Services, Inc. (EXACON), Mommy Gina Tuna Resources Inc. (MGTRI), Gensan Perfect Choice, Inc. (GPCI) and many more.

It was organized in early 2014, venturing in breeding, raising and pasturing of swine. But later on, with the aim of making it a cost-efficient swine production company in the Philippines, it focused on bringing to the breeders and customers, quality Pig-Genetic Semen and Pork Products through application of unique, high-health breeding programs and technology.

Q-PIGS as the preferred pig-genetic breeder and producer of total quality pork applies the world's leading innovations such as Genomics and Genetics, Carcas and Meat Quality to give significant contribution in the Philippine swine industry and to contribute in giving access to the local swine breeders top-tier swine technological applications. Young in the business industry, it is in partnership with TopigsNorsvin whose expertise is eleven years ahead from that of the Philippine swine genetic industry. We value continued high satisfaction for high-yield quality swine products and services with its fast and timely delivery complemented by it's state of the art trucking facility.

Q-PIGS also offers superb-quality pork marketed through its affiliate CMSMI, partners and customer companies. Powered by its goals of bringing significant contribution and quality services in the swine industry, to the local farm pig breeders and pork customers, Q-PIGS is consistently upholds vision statement “The preferred premium pig-genetic breeder and producer of total quality pork” through its mission: “Committed to achieve maximum litter size and produce high yield quality pork in high health farms”.



The preferred premium pig-genetic breeder and producer of total quality pork.


We are committed to achieve maximum little size and produce high yield quality pork in high health farms.
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QPIGS Livestock Corporation sells live hogs and pork meat (carcass and primal cuts). Please contact Myrna Taojo at 0917-7106428 or email us to qpigsinfo@gmail.com  or info@qpigs.com for more information.